Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oct.11, 2007

This drawing is of coffee grounds left on a filter after I have brewed a pot of coffee. It is pen and ink on paper and reaches 6' x 7' in dimensions. It was made in June of 2007.

Ever since I can remember coffee has been a familar smell of growing up. My mom was up by 5:00a.m., my dad shortly after, they sat at the table, drank coffee, talked and my dad took off for work. By the time we kids woke up the smell had wafed through the house.

As I remember it the actual first cup of coffee I ever had was in the afternoon and it had to be fall or winter because it was crummy outside. There was more sugar and milk in it then actual coffee. As I got to the bottom it was a surypy sweet sludge that slowly slid from the bottom of the cup to my lips.

I offer this bit of information as a fragment of what has made me- me.

I am interested in common everyday materials that experience use and are then discarded. These materials include coffee filters, sheets of lint, and erroded bars of soap and they are made by me. I am attracted to these materials because I think of them as accumulations of time. I am interested in how these household objects display a history specific to their making. They could be thought of as compilations of routine actions. For me, thinking about these mundane, used up obects as time instead of garbage makes them more precious.

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